Sometimes, not often enough and not always, you meet someone and everything just clicks. You are entirely comfortable with this person. You can talk about anything and everything and you seem to be on the same wavelength. It doesn’t matter what you say, they understand exactly what you mean and listen.

They make you smile just by thinking of them.

The attraction isn’t only physical. Their personality makes them so much more appealing than looks ever could.

Somehow, you anticipate what each other needs and provide it automatically.

Even when you are apart, their presence is still felt strongly in your life.

The bond is so strong that you would fight to keep it, but you don’t need to because they are exactly where they want to be and you are exactly who they want to be with.

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Better off now


One thing I’ll never be able to understand is people who purposely want to hurt and destroy the happiness of others just to make themselves feel better.
If someone else is happy without you in their life and have become a better version of themselves because of it, why would you want to prevent or halt them from becoming that?

Interfering and trying to ruin other people isn’t going to make you seem more desirable or enhance your life in any way. It might make you happy because you feel you have some sort of power but it’s not going to change anything.

If you truly care about someone whether it’s on a friendship level or even just on an acquaintance level surely you wouldn’t want to make them purposefully unhappy?

I’ve spent a lot of my time trying to be the best I possibly can be and treat those the way they deserve to be treated but when someone comes in and tries to take away something that’s important to me, I will definitely not be nice or entertain it.

You shouldn’t try and force yourself back into someone’s life who doesn’t want you there any more even if it’s what you want.

Being bitter isn’t going to make your life any better.


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Just an introduction..

about me

I am Nicole Barlow, a 21-year-old BCom Strategic Management student from Cape Town, South Africa.

I have been meaning to blog and have attempted to on various occasions but I always end up forgetting about it.

I have decided to finally commit (YAY) a12189156_1672333939714963_3136025936781475721_n - Copynd blog about what it’s like being a Twenty-Something year old in all aspects of life, love and work.

Hopefully all of you readers will be able to relate and share your experiences with me as well 🙂

So here’s to new experiences!

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