Just an introduction..

about me

I am Nicole Barlow, a 21-year-old BCom Strategic Management student from Cape Town, South Africa.

I have been meaning to blog and have attempted to on various occasions but I always end up forgetting about it.

I have decided to finally commit (YAY) a12189156_1672333939714963_3136025936781475721_n - Copynd blog about what it’s like being a Twenty-Something year old in all aspects of life, love and work.

Hopefully all of you readers will be able to relate and share your experiences with me as well 🙂

So here’s to new experiences!

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5 thoughts on “Just an introduction..

  1. Hi Nicole you’re such an interesting person 😂 . First comment here, which means you owe me another kit kat, on top of the millions that you already owe me. You’re in debt, seriously. Just sell your house and bicycles to pay me back 😂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such an interesting person! How can you be so nice but also an amazing bully at the same time? You truly got a gift! Amazing person but also an amazing bully. That’s Nicole Barlow in one sentence, guys.



    1. Hi Daniel, it seems as if you have some sort of an obsession with Nicole. You should really get that checked out and obsessive compulsive disorder is a curable illness! Hope you come right 😉


  3. Hey Nix. Amazing. Awesome. Stunning inside & Out. I have watched you grow into the beautiful woman you are today & you make me super proud daily. Blogging hmmmm what is that im old school. But I will be keeping my eye on you.


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